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no, really…there will be blood

So, I feel a little foolish for posting to MamaPop yesterday about how excited I was to see There Will Be Blood tonight.

Because There Will Be Blood isn’t playing here yet. I’m not sure how I got the notion that it would be…maybe it had something to do with the fact that the limited release was all the way back on December twentyfuckingsixth.

But thank christ that National Treasure 2 is playing…right smack dab in the middle of Oscar rush and hogging all of the screens so I can’t see something actually worth my $10.

Don’t get me wrong. I love corny action movies as much as the next dude. But can a girl get some Daniel Day-Lewis sometimes? Shit.

5 comments to no, really…there will be blood

  • Mary

    Go see Juno, if you haven’t yet, that movie is awesome. I saw it last night with The Boyfriend and though it was the second time I’d seen it, I still loved the hell out of it.


  • I want to see that so bad! Unfortunately, I don’t think the husband will be down and he gets all sour if I go to the movies without him…my life is retarded.

  • You should’ve seen Control at The Harris. That’s all I’m gonna say. SO good.

  • HollyG

    Juno was really good. I expected it to be sort of like “Garden State” which I loathed, but it was really quite good. Not the romantic comedy I was expecting.

    There Will Be Blood starts this Friday… FINALLY.

  • Sara G. tell me more…like, will it be playing again?

    HollyG, I want to see Juno and I’m really happy to hear that you hated Garden State. I thought it was a huge steaming turd and that’s kind of a crime round these parts.

    Gs up, hoes down.

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