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anybody want some toys?

If so, they’ll be sitting in a pile in front of my house if my son does not PICK UP ALL OF HIS CRAP.

Somehow, he managed to cover the floor of the living and dining room in toys between last night and this morning. I am really going to throw all of this shit away. Then I’m sending him to live in a monastery where he can learn the value of simplicity and make me some creamed honey.

4 comments to anybody want some toys?

  • You should send him to one of the ones that make beer and cheese. Send him to Chimay!

  • bolt

    you should… at least put them in garbage bags and hide them for a minute. just to show that you mean it or something. mim’s biggest downfall was making threats you could be sure she wouldn’t follow through with. pops on the other hand would tell you he was going to throw your stuff out and then throw your favorite stuffed animal out and down the front steps while it was raining. actually, i’m pretty sure he did that because he was a drunken prick. same thing, really.

  • Amber, good call. I knew there was a reason I keep you around. 😉

    bolt, I would, but then I would get annoyed about having to do that, since I would essentially be picking up the stuff anyway, thereby negating myself. i think?

  • sonbanon

    Can he read? If not, read your post to him :)

    I love reading your parenting posts.

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