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need drink!

Late Saturday night, I got a bad feeling and after checking some stuff, my bad feeling was confirmed. I was going to have put out some serious fires at work on Monday.

I spent Sunday doing whatever ineffectual things I could do to try to make this first day more bearable: made the baby’s lunches for the week (took about 5 minutes since he won’t eat more than 300 calories a day), chopped stuff for dinner for the next few days, cleaned the bathrooms, did one pitiful load of laundry. I also fretted. A lot.

Sure enough, when I got here it was all like this and there were a bunch of these and maybe I yelled at some people. I’m not proud. I am, however, having some trouble quelling some homicidal tendencies.

I’m also starving because I spent all morning dealing with said fires and didn’t get a chance to eat anything.

Is it summer yet?

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  • dude…you may want to rethink the google image search for that second link….

    not trying to spoil it, but there’s some serious pr0n imagery in there.

    (at least a NSFW-link warning….)

  • Ed

    It’s times like this that I make sure I know exactly how many vacation hours I have, so that when I’m doing twelve things at once to try to get things back to sanity, and the wrong manager asks me when everything’s going to be back to normal, I can say something like: “Like I told you the last four times you asked me: It’ll be done in however long it takes me to do it, plus the amount of time you make me sit here talking about it. But if you really must have a tangible update, here’s one: I have XXX vacation hours accrued, and if people don’t leave me alone to fix this damn thing, I’m going to take them all starting NOW. “

  • Dude, not sure where you work, but I hope it gets a bit better for you this week. I’m sure it will…unless you’re unionized, then you might just want to take some people out now, it’ll help ease the pain.

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