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I forgot to put a title here

On our way home last night, we were behind a car whose license plate read, “EMIN3M.”

The 1337 nature of the plate got me to thinking that someone must already have EMINEM and that there are probably people with variations like 3MINEM and 3MIN3M. And also that there are people who like Eminem’s music and like it enough to pay homage to him on a license plate and how messed up is that?

We took down our Christmas tree last night. We had stripped it of its decorations (like the shameful hussy that it is) a while ago but were waiting for recycling day to come back around before putting it out. Of course, we stopped watering it some time ago…cause we like fire hazards.

But watching the husband lug the tree to the front door was pretty amusing since he managed to knock over some chairs in the process. It looked like the husband was the bouncer at an arboreal bar & grill and our tree was some leprous, drunken patron, leaving bits of himself all over the place as he was “escorted” from the place. Our dining room floor resembled a forest for a little bit and when the husband came back inside he had pine needles stuck in his beard. I didn’t tell him that, though. I like my men as rustic as possible.

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