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I can’t quit you, MySpace

Apparently, if you post a bulletin to MySpace, you immediately receive friend requests from ladies like Jaclyn, Mary Beth, and Katie who unfortunately had to move their “modeling” pics to another site.

I hate MySpace. So much. I so want to delete it, as it is possibly the suckiest site on the internet. But I like having some method of contacting people I might need to contact at some point in the next 20 years.

Facebook is only slightly more tolerable. Though I will admit to not having the first clue what is going on in that Oregon Trail game. Apparently I committed suicide while a member of a friend’s wagon party, of which I wasn’t even aware I was a part. Figures I would miss my own demise.

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  • Akiramich

    Facebook is awesome because it lets you play multiple scrabble games at the same time.

    And the whole appeal of myspace is that half my friends are strippers and its all non chalant about that. Unlike real life…

  • Yeah, I have to pretty much throw down for Facebook on account of Scrabulous. I honestly don’t know how I procrastinated my homework before Scrabulous.

  • I quit it last year. I had to. It was stupid. It made me feel old.

    I haven’t even missed it.

    Do it!

  • Yeah, I basically hang on to myspace and facebook because some people I still like to touch base with check it often. They check it more than e-mail, which I find odd, but I am pretty slow sometimes when it comes to what’s “cool”.

  • I use it to sell people stuff.
    I have actually MET a few neat people through there, but it is like finding a needle in a ginormous haystack.

    I had my account for a good 2 years, and I only recently actually started using it. I think the dudes on there annoy me more than Jaclyn, Mary Beth, and Katie cause they aren’t porn spam, they are REAL and consequently a little creepy, unless you are into that sort of thing.

    I could have a big BLINKING sign on MySpace that said “I’m Married, Taken, Have malfunctioning vagina(not really on that last one)” and yet we still get those dudes that are like “Hey, how *you* doin??” haha

  • Tate

    Every time I log into MySpace (or send a text message or buy a latte from Starbucks), I die a little inside. But I will tell you two tidbits that make the internet atrocity that is MySpace more tolerable:

    1. AdblockPlus
    2. Changing your user settings to require a captcha for senders of messages, comments, etc.

    These two things have filtered out 85% of the annoyance for me.

  • Ed

    Mmmm. Scrabulous.

    I hvae a placeholder account on MySpace just so my inner drooling fanboy can get to the musicians’ pages.

  • I quit MySpace after the zillionth time it crashed my browser. Actually, I never had an account there, but I knew a few people who used it for blogging, and I like their blogs. I wouldn’t mind it so much (save for the browser thing) if I could leave comments without becoming a member myself. I think Live Journal has that option.

    I still have yet to make a Facebook account.

  • Mary

    I have a MySpace account only because I can use it to effectively stalk my douchey ex-boyfriend. NO WAIT I MEAN BECAUSE MY FRIENDS MADE ME GET ONE.

    I love Facebook so much more. In fact, I love that I can fight you in Scrabble on Facebook. :)

  • bolt

    All these people were giving props to scrabulous and then, minutes later, I stumbled across this no cnn.com:



  • i hate myspace too, and try to ignore it for the most part. facebook can be entertaining for about 5 minutes at a time, no more.

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