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shocking: some shit irritated me

Granted, I was kind of in a, erm, tender mood yesterday because I had a nightmare the night before and the nightmare was about our break-in. But, like, our break-in on steroids. Very upsetting. I woke up in a cold sweat, panting, and heart pounding. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I’ve had such nightmares and I’m thinking that’s a sign that the ol’ noggin is still having trouble getting over that whole thing.

Anyone want to play therapist?

Anyway, work was work. I had my marketing class last night and was not totally surprised to find myself in the company of “hardcore capitalists,” which is, frankly, a personality trait I find annoying. Of course, it’s not nearly as bad as the History of Capitalism course that I took at Pitt, which was filled with capitalists who surpass “hardcore” and go straight to “fucking frightening.” But respectful because at least they’re honest about the shit.

At 6, when class was over, I walked back to my office and found myself locked out. My boss always works late but last night she didn’t. How dare she! But I scrounged up a phone and security was there within minutes.

Then I got home and managed to screw up making Jiffy corn muffins. Christ.

We watched Bill Maher a few nights ago and…man. Please, Jesus, let the strike end soon for, lo, the comedian is not that funny as it turns out. And I think he knew it since he was practically begging for the writers to come back after the audience merely tittered at his 45th “Hillary crying” joke.

I have a list of maladies today:
Productive cough (with extra loogies)
Stiff neck
UTI (I’m pretty sure it’s the same one I’ve had since about late November, it just chooses to up its level of irritation from week to week. Ebb and flow or some shit.)
Huge, painful pimple on the chin
General pissiness due to the baby’s bus driver just neglecting to come this morning. The hell, dude?

Anyway, one week of classes down, 15 more to go! *weeps* I had a lab class this morning for my Online Information Design course. I always try to participate/speak in class early on so it’s out of the way. I don’t like talking that much. Anyway, the instructor asked if anyone knew what HTML stood for and I raised my hand and Tracey Flicked that it meant hypertext markup language. And the instructor asked me what that meant/what it did and I replied, “It makes the webpage work!” Am n00b. Whatever, man. I went to the University of LiveJournal for all of my web design “skills.” I’m doing pretty good, considering.

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