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We finally got to see There Will Be Blood. I really liked it, the husband isn’t sure how he feels about it. When we got home, the mother-in-law informed us that the baby had spent the evening barfing.

He’s doing…okay now. He had a “bazooka” episode not that long ago. You know. Coming out both ends? Unpleasant. During that unhappy time he said, “I hate being sick.”

I feel so bad for him because that is the worst sickness. I feel really guilty that I was out while he got sick.

And I’m feeling much dread that I could be next.

I’m really not a fan of barfing.

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  • We saw TWBB last night too. We read such rave reviews that i wasn’t sure how I would feel if I had of gone in knowing nothing. But we both loved it, I think we were the only people laughing in the theatre. Also I read that there was excessive gore/violence…a little dissapointed there. After seeing that scene in The Orphanage last week I was expecting something horrendous.

    Have you and the husband seen Irreversible? good film, hard to watch.

    p.s. Daniel Day Lewis could make me love a scrawny man yumz.

  • We laughed a lot, too. I think that might have confused us the most. There were some genuinely funny parts and I guess we were both expecting this very bleak and solemn flick. And it was. But like…”I’m your brother…from another mother?” Oh my god. I nearly peed my pants. There was practically no gore at all.

    I haven’t seen Irreversible. I’ve found that rape scenes are incredibly upsetting to me. I don’t object to them on principle (it’s art, do whatever), but I can’t really watch them.

    I would watch DDL do just about anything.

  • Yuck, that is the worst kind of sick. I hope you don’t get it. I hate puking. So much so that I’d rather take a horrible hangover than actually puke it all out.

    And that was probably too much information.

  • I suppress puking any time I can, Kristabella. I feel you on that one.

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