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he’s not half the man you are

(The following post is brought to you by my fatigued and disjointed brain.)

I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, but it was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Happy Choice, ladies! *raises glass*

The Oscar nominations have been out for only a day, and already I’ve lost money on them. On our way home from the movies Saturday night, post-There Will Be Blood and pre-barffest, we were talking about how Daniel Day-Lewis has GOT to be a shoo-in for Best Actor this year, especially since he didn’t win for Gangs of New York and that’s kind of how the Oscars roll (see also: Washington, Denzel). And I started whining about Sweeney Todd, which I really did not like, and said that I bet it would win Best Picture because stupid shit like that happens all the time. The husband disagreed and we bet $5 on it.

Well, Sweeney Todd wasn’t even nominated. But I put another $5 down on both Johnny Depp winning Best Actor and Atonement winning Best Picture, because even though the latter looks like a boring pile of The English Patient leftovers, sweeping period romances tend to fare well. The husband thinks the Coen brothers are going to win big. I hope they do, but I have serious doubts.

I really suck at gambling.

I do think Javier Bardem is going to win Best Supporting Actor, and rightly so because he was amazing. And I will hump the TV during his acceptance speech because I lurve him, despite his frighteningly large cabeza (see also: the husband’s head).

Dave Eggers is coming to my school’s Visiting Writers Series in a few days and all I can think of is this one great line from Californication, which went something like, “It could be a piece of shit or a heartbreaking work of staggering genius…There’s a difference?”

I tried to watch Smokin’ Aces last night and it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I actually managed to sit through a whole hour before giving up on it.

I know it’s stupid, but I’m really bummed about Heath Ledger. I guess I’m thinking of his daughter. That’s got to be so confusing for a little kid that age. You see Daddy all the time, and then suddenly you don’t.

4 comments to he’s not half the man you are

  • Javier Bardem, I had to look him up, and yes, he has quite the engorged lookin’ noggin. As for the rest, well, it has just made me realize how completely out of touch with pop culture I am.

  • Heh. You said “hump”. Heheheh.

  • Dude, I am also bummed about Heath Ledger. It just makes me really sad, even though he’s a public figure not, like, someone I KNOW… so yeah, I’m with you.

  • I am glad you went sympathetic for the whole Heath Ledger passing away thing. I mean, I agree that when livejournal was flooded with all off his stalkers… er fans(including myself) and it slowed to almost a halt, it was rather annoying. It was also annoying that EVERY other post was about Mr. Ledger… BUT someone posts that its amusing that everyone was so upset about it and they didn’t know who he was and they get people dropping off their friends list like flies. This is also tre stupid because um… hello diversity.

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