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I will toe whatever I feel like toeing, thank you very much

Last night I read “Politics and the English Language” for class and one of the metaphors that George Orwell was already sick of way back in 1946 is “toe the line.” This irritates me because “toe the line” is one of my favorite metaphors ever. It makes me think of petulant people in black catsuits staring at a line in the sand in some version of nowhere. In my vision, these ne’er-do-wells mischievously tap the line with the tips of their toes much to the dismay of the people who drew it.

How can anyone hate “toe the line?” Look how much fun I’m having with it!

There’s also that scene in Three Amigos where Ned draws the line and says, “Men or mice?” At least I think that’s how it goes.

Also, for your consideration: CNN is the new National Enquirer. The 00s are the new 80s. The new recession is going to kick the asses of all previous recessions on American Gladiators.

Eh, whatevs.

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