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in which my 6-year-old pwns me

On our way home from a rather, “I’m gonna be THAT kid in Wal-Mart*,” trip to Wal-Mart:

The Baby: Mum’s superhero name is WeirdGirl
The Husband: Oh, yeah? What is Mum’s super power?
The Baby: Um, her powers are throwing up, fainting, and throwing herself in the river.
The Husband: Oh, yeah?
Mum: Whatever, man.

Like, seriously? Those are my super powers? I give birth to the kid, nourish him with my own body, and I get the super powers of a Harlequin romance character via Virginia Woolf?

*grabbing stuff on the shelves, yelling, and of course the non-stop talking

7 comments to in which my 6-year-old pwns me

  • I think the ability to survive in the Mon should be considered a true gift…Hoffa’s still down there y’know

  • sonbanon

    Don’t six-year old boys think puking is cool? :)

  • I like to think that my superhuman power is my ability to shoot babies out of my nether regions. I am pretty good at it.

    I have a 6 and 5 year old. We talk about barf and puke a lot…

  • Three things about that: first, all kids, boys especially, go through that phrase where penetrating and insightful humor may be summed up as, “Poop. Heh. Heheheheh.” Second, there is a certain site in the brain of every male (and many females) which still thinks that’s funny, no matter how old or sophisticated they become. And third, some men never quite get past that point.

    The question is not that your son is “that kid” at the Wal-Mart (and what were you doing shopping there?) The question is, was your husband joining in?

  • tom

    haha, i was flicking his ears and shit to irritate him and make him mad. i offered to buy him baby stuff, too. 😉

  • scooterbird, it wasn’t the fact that bodily functions were the source of humor. I’m as immature as the next guy in that respect. I was just pissed that my “super powers” were getting sick and committing suicide, especially since the husband had much better powers if I recall correctly. oh, and I get my groceries at wal-mart because I’m brizzoke.

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