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weekend goals

1) Procure DVDs of The L Word. I left off early in season 3, right around the time Jenny started shooting people with a Taser. And I just saw a MAJOR spoiler in a friends’ LJ and I realize that I need to get up to speed.

2) Get belligerent at my TV screen during the Super Bowl.

3) parent, do laundry, get caught up on grad skool and whatever.

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  • DEWD. L Word season 4, as it pertains to Jenny, is NUTS. That’s all I’ll say.

    Nevermind the fact that, speaking as a queer lady, the show is garbage as it relates to accurate portrayals of real queer ladies. Still, it’s freakin’ addictive.

    This is the way, it’s the way that we live.
    It’s the way that we live….And Love…!

  • oh my god, the L word is shameful. and I hate that theme song with so much fire. I loved the theme from the first season.

  • I know it’s schlock and yet I can’t stop watching. Am waiting for Netflix to provide Season 4 but sad to hear that Jenny continues to figure prominently. HATE her!

    I am from New England and live in New York. I’m rooting for NE. Today I passed a Sports Authority with a sign in the window that said, “When the Giants win the Superbowl we will be open AFTER the game until 1am.” So apparently on the list of Sports Authority likes is “presumptuously tempting fate.”

  • I won’t be watching the game, since the only outcome I will be happy with is a simultaneous group injury affecting both teams.

  • Ed

    Since the Vikings aren’t involved, and the game isn’t being played in below-zero temps, my only interest is how well I do in the office pool.

  • I will be rooting for meteors to land on the stadium during the game, and for all those who do not get flattened by them to be assigned to the Ravens.

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