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blogger writing tics (whoa. meta.)

I guess since I go to school for writing and occassionally receive monetary compensation for stringing words together about some topic, I tend to analyze writing and trends within it. This sounds way more fancy-pants intellectual than it really is. If I were to go on to get a PhD, which I so fucking wouldn’t because I am so over school at this point, one of the 500 different areas I would be compelled to dissertate on is the styles of writing that bloggers employ and the little trends that I tend to notice. Other dissertation topics would be “Willie from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Why Does She Suck So Much, Especially Since She Was Probably Already Diddling Steven Spielberg?” “Eli and Paul Sunday from There Will Be Blood: WTF?” and of course, “Dissertations: Why Must They Always Have a Colon in the Title?”

Anyway, back in the Bronze Age of blogging (2003ish), I complained about a phrase that was running rampant, and that phrase was “le sigh.” It started out kind of funny and cute and suddenly it was everywhere and I got really sick of reading it. Now, I don’t ever see it. Le sigh went out of style.

Nowadays, the blogging tic that is really driving me crazy is breaking normal sentences up into a question and its answer. A rough example of this format would be, “Because blah blah? Is blah blah blah.” Or “And also? Blah blah blah.” I feel kind of bad pointing this out because practically every blog that I read and enjoy employs this tactic, but it’s just not cute anymore and it needs to stop. It’s overused, plain and simple.

See, if I were a good critic I would offer an alternative tic to glom onto while the mid-sentence question inflection died a dignified death. But I? Got nothing. ;-P

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