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Rough couple of days. There’s too much going on with work and school and the sheer amount of stuff that I have to do makes me want to sleep. The situation with my mom got better…and then it got worse. That also makes me want to sleep. The laundry is piled everywhere and the sink is full of dishes. Yesterday it took us almost two hours to get to work. The baby’s cough was better, but now it seems to be back just as bad as it was before. I’m starting to worry. His school called me because they felt he should go home. My mother-in-law is picking him up. I want to go home, too.

And, it’s Valentine’s Day. Fucking hell. I guess the husband and I aren’t doing anything for it, but since I know he’ll be reading this, I’ll go ahead and post a little valentine to him. The video is cheesy, but the sound is the same.

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