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are there doldrums in winter?

I think the season is really getting to me. I’m so utterly bummed out all the time.

The baby’s situation with his lungs/sinuses is really getting me down. What’s especially frustrating is the fact that we haven’t been able to get in to see his regular doctor so we’ve been seeing this other doctor in the practice and I think he may be a quack. He keeps insisting that the baby has asthma and I just don’t buy that. And last week the baby licked his lower lip a whole bunch and made the skin raw, but the doctor tried to say that it was compulsive, even though it was an isolated incident. I’m starting to sense a drug-pushin’ vibe, but I do watch things like Frontline a lot.

It’s just so frustrating that he was doing so well on the medicine and then like two days after he was done taking it the cough and mucus came back.

And if he does have asthma, what the hell? I keep reading about how our germaphobia is contributing to the rise of allergies and asthma in children and I purposely let him be “dirty” (I’m also lazy and that seemed to help) so that he could build up his immunities and everything. I don’t make him wash his hands every five seconds and I don’t carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere. Now he has allergies and maybe asthma, as well? Augh.

I don’t know. Like I said, I’m extremely bummed out all the time and I don’t want to do ANYTHING. I don’t want to work or go to school or parent or wife. I just want to drink and watch videos all day. I guess that’s not such a healthy attitude is it?

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  • rachelraven

    Eva picks at her lower lip.

    Eva twirls her hair.

    I would never put her on drugs for this, anymore than I would put MYSELF on meds because I bite the inside of my cheek and chew my cuticles. Incessently at times. I’m still highly functioning (I THINK?)


    I think asthma is getting that “blanket” diagnosis these days like Autism is. My husband has adult onset ADD… and if you get down and dirty with it, he’s “Autistic.” People are so quick to label these days.

  • I feel ya sister.

    Seasonal affective disorder is kicking my ass this year, making me feel all squicky and disjointed and can I puh-leeeze just drop all my classes because I have a paper due in two weeks that just might kill me. And not because it’s a difficult paper or because I even care about my grade but because I just DON’T WANNA.

    I’m sorry about the baby being sicko all the time. I hope it gets figured out soon.

    And rachelraven should know that Eva is the bestest name ever.

  • @ Hot Librarian: thank you for giving me a word to replace “wonky”. i like “squicky”. a lot.

    @ kdiddy:
    having been very close with a general family physician, i’ve seen a strange perspective into their lives that most people don’t get to see. i think lots of doctor-type-folk feel the pressure from many people (not just parents) to have the solution to EVERYTHING that could possibly be wrong mentally/phyiscally, perceived or real. and what do doctors know? drugs! so you end up with a lot of this:

    Parent: “my kid does this thing that makes me worry or makes me look like a bad parent. fix it.”
    Doctor: “your kid’s normal.”
    Parent: “fix it, motherfucker!”
    Doctor: “give him this. it’ll make him stop, and if you notice anal leakage, it’s normal.”
    Parent: “thanks, doctor!”

  • also….i grew up the product of a nurse for a mother. she was an incessant cleaner, but even she let me be a little bit dirty. i am way more pro-“let kids be dirty…it’s really ok.” than most people, so i totally see where you’re coming from there.

    i’ve chewed my finger nails since i was 3. (against my mother’s constant badgering, attempts to reward me for stopping, and painting my nails with that nasty tasting shit that i just licked off anyway…) that doesn’t mean that i needed drugs. (i found them on my own later in life, but that’s another story.)

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