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The baby was up at least three times last night crying due to the pain in his ear. I gave him Tylenol once but the subsequent times he came to me in tears I had to turn him down because I wasn’t sure how much time had elapsed since his last dose due to me being unconscious. I try not to encourage ODs in my kid. I’m a good parent, what can I say?

So, that was kind of heartbreaking. And so was telling him that I wouldn’t be able to stay home with him because I have both of my classes today. Sigh. But the mother-in-law took him to the doctor and he has not one, but TWO ear infections. Amoxicilling we will go.

Oh, but on the upside, my mom stopped by and brought me samosas and they’re sitting next to me making everything smell all heavenly and potato. I’m trying to save them for dinner tonight but drooooooooooooool….

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