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nothin’ but love for ya, Bill

I used to hate Bill O’Reilly because I thought he was a horrible person, but now I hate the people that put him on TV every night. Because it’s obvious to me that he’s mentally handicapped and the producers and writers and directors that continue to broadcast his shit are obviously exploiting the fact that he will say things that are just, for lack of a better word, retarded. Honestly, I feel bad for him.

Semi-related: I’m now thoroughly convinced, and I’m not the first person to speculate this at all, that Ann Coulter is a long-running piece of performance art who has brilliantly infiltrated the Right to spew nonsense at them, which they LOVE and which befuddles the Left because we’re stupid and can’t take a joke. You can’t tell me otherwise.

Fred Phelps is also performance art. Seriously. Watch closely, people. This is a cultural revolution in progress. It’s like Cecil B. Demented but way fucking stupider. And I don’t think Stephen Dorff is involved.

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  • Dean J

    This just Made My Day.

  • Life would be so much better if all that were true.

    I have come to agreement with you about Ann Coulter, but I am still skeptical on the Phelps.

    I want to know why the wingnuts seem to think you have to be proud of your country unconditionally, like it’s your kid. Even parents are proud of their kids 100% of the time, and it’s really hard to be proud if your kid is the U.S. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your bastard, littering, fight-picking bully kid the U.S. if you admit you’re not proud of him.

    Poor choice of words on Michelle Obama’s part, yes, because it fueled the wingnut spin machine, but O’Reilly’s choice of words is far stupider.

  • Err, that should read, “even parents aren’t proud of their kids 100% of the time.”

    Right then, off to the coffee shop.

  • How exactly does a white person envision a black person SHOULD feel about their country?

    I haven’t exactly led the life of a deeply wealthy person, but I haven’t had it bad in my 32 years. I haven’t endured the hardships that many people in this country wake up with on a daily basis.

    Do I think it’s still the best place in the world to live? Sure.
    Do I think it has the most potential for good? Sure.

    Do I think it’s living up to anywhere CLOSE to that potential? Absolutely not.

    On a daily basis, I am more and more convinced that the majority of this country’s inhabitants are perfectly comfortable with being lied to about how great our nation is instead of admitting that there are real problems with the direction our country is heading.

    So, what O’Rly is saying is…”Michelle Obama might have said something that she felt to be true, and if it IS true, we will hang her from a tree for it like so many of her ancestors.”


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