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The baby’s school is killing me with these two-hour delays. And how is it that the weather only gets really crappy on Friday mornings, when I have a 9 a.m. lab? I wasn’t that late this morning, only about 10 minutes. But I had to rush to get set up in Dreamweaver, which I’d never used before, with the help of one of the assistants and then I missed some crucial step so that uploading my edits to the page just wasn’t happening. Or something. And I didn’t know how to explain this problem other than, “Ur doin’ it wrong. No, actually, I’m doin’ it wrong. Halp!”

Also, the rain and cold are making my knees ache so bad. I’m feeling about 300 years old here.

The husband and I are going to go see Be Kind, Rewind tonight. I’m so excited! I kind of hate Jack Black but I feel like the presence of Mos Def and the direction of Michel Gondry will help balance him out.

We were going to make a whole date out of the evening and use these gift cards for Morton’s that my grandparents gave us. But the husband has this disgusting cold and can’t smell anything. And there’s really no point in getting a steak if you can’t taste it.

Besides, we’re getting our taxes done right after work and I’m sure after all of that excitement we won’t have much of an appetite.

Speaking of movies, we watched Basket Case the other night. Oh my god, so awesomely wonderfully bad. There’s claymation AND full-frontal wang. And that, my friends, is what makes America great.

Almost forgot: MamaPop is having an Oscars extravaganza on Sunday night. Come hang out n’at.

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