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good for building with legos on a saturday

The husband has a new mix up here. The baby and I are listening to it as we assemble skeleton knights for some Lego castle.

Tax preparation went well last night. I called to let them know that we were running late and the woman that I talked to said, “Okay, thanks Kerry!” Then when I got there I was called up by another woman who referred to me as “Kayla.” I’m just going to adopt multiple personalities to go with all of the names that people call me.

The lady who handled us was Russian and kind of awesome. I don’t know if I mentioned this on here or not, but I used to be a ballet dancer and she reminded me a lot of one of the Russian teachers I had when I was little, not only because they had the same name (Valentina), but also because they both had long, intimidating fake nails and odd shades of lipstick.

Anyway, I totally blew the mind of Valentina the tax preparer when I told her that my husband would be joining us in a few minutes and that, no, we didn’t need to wait for him to get started because I am the primary taxpayer. “Well, there’s no ‘Mrs. & Mr.’ categories in our software. Only ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ because not many women are in charge of the money.”

I instinctively straightened my poodle skirt and wondered if the other girls from the typing pool encountered this same problem.

But whatevs. Valentina got us a pretty decent refund AND taught my son how to say “how are you” and “good-bye” in Russian.

We ended not going to the movies because the roads were sucking and the husband’s cold was reaching new, grosser proportions. He sneezed in the car at one point and snot was splattered on the steering wheel, his shirt, and dangling from his beard. It’s really not appropriate in public.

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  • People change my name to “Angelia” pretty often. Not so much when speaking, but my mail comes to Angelia pretty often. They don’t even sound the same!

  • My husband has never done his own taxes in his life. I’ve always done them for the two of us, and before that he had to ask his mom for help EVERY YEAR. So yeah, all women all the time as far as tax prep goes.

    Why is it thought to be a male thing?

  • HL, I don’t think it was the preparation that was a surprise but the fact that I earn more money than my dude. I guess in most cases, husbands earn more than their wives, which isn’t so surprising, really. I’ve always chickened out while doing my own taxes. I get so far and then there’s always a point where I’m not sure about something and I’m like, “augh! they’re going to audit me! help!” In other words, H&R Block are my heroes.

  • The husband chez moi LOLed at the typing pool comment, as did I. He thinks if we move to Pittzburgh for grad school that he’d really want to have a beer with you.

    I mean, if your husband will let you out, of course.

  • Whoa, I have no idea how that z in Pittsburgh got there. I must be drunk.

  • generally, taxes are easy, but you got a kid and house, which makes them harder.
    i’m the dough-maker in our household too.
    my honey’s got the pimp ride right now.

  • Amber, we will have many beers. MOVE TO PITTSBURGH!

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