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when you’re walking down the street, and you see a little ghost

My mushy and idol-rific review of Be Kind, Rewind will be up on MamaPop later today, but there’s a small story to go along with it.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the movie theater, we parked next to a small pick up truck that was slightly askew in its space. I unbuckled my seat belt and as I did so I heard some hearty chuckling. As I went to open my door, I saw the driver’s side door of the truck open and realized that the chuckling was coming from the driver. And the driver was not wearing any clothes.

The driver made the universal motion for us to roll down our window, which the husband did because he has no sense. The driver explained that he had been at work and some friends were bringing him a change of clothes and he was trying to hold that spot for them.

We parked somewhere else and the friends showed up a few seconds later. The driver told them that we were the only people who tried to park next to him the whole time he was sitting there. As we walked past, he shouted out another apology and the husband responded, “It’s cool. But keep clothes with you!” I wondered why it was necessary to sit in his truck without clothes. Were his friends like, “We’ll be there soon. BE NAKED!”

So, how about them Oscars, huh? I hung out on MamaPopTalk for the most part. I was really pleased the Javier Bardem and Daniel Day-Lewis won and that the Coen brothers won for both directing and best picture. No Country for Old Men really does own. And There Will Be Blood won for best cinematography which was well-deserved. The scene where the well explodes and the boy goes deaf was just amazingly well shot and composed.

But the whole show was really dull. I think they need to let Gary Busey host, since he was the source of the most excitement the whole night. Or Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren rocks my world. That dress was amazing and she actually had the balls to say that AT THE OSCARS that the roles for men are always better than the roles for women.

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