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Could somebody explain to me why my son’s school has a 2-hour delay this morning? It’s in the mid-30s and the only thing they’re predicting for today is some rain. If I’m not mistaken, we live in Pittsburgh and rain is kind of a given. I’m left to believe it’s because the school officials exist to screw up my mornings.

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  • bolt

    Man… For the longest time when I was in Pittsbugrh Public Schools they didn’t use 2-hour delays – it was an all or nothing plan. Typically we had school unless the roads were completely impassable. That’s still the case now, I guess, but I didn’t have the luxury of the 2-hour delay until like high school.

  • The schools in Chicago have been doing that lately. Like if there is any threat of MOISTURE coming down from the SKY then school has to be closed.

    Why can’t my work do that?

    Instead I have to drive to work today with 5 inches of snow on the ground, the really, heavy wet stuff that makes my arms sore when I have to brush snow off my car for the 1,458 time this winter.

  • alaina

    I was wondering about that delay myself. The roads weren’t bad at all, and they straight up don’t plow in my neighborhood.

  • why are Pittsburgh and Chicago acting like a bunch of winter n00bs?

  • Raining here, but no closings. I think everyone got spooked last night, when they came out with a late bulletin about ice all over the place west of the mountains – so, for us, Hagerstown out to Garrett County and bits of the West Virginia panhandle. A lot of the time it’s just the perception of something that might be falling from the sky…

  • Jonah

    Well you see it is because we live in a city that has no municipal services, particularly no snow removal abilities. I mean come on it snows all day and I don’t see one freakin city truck laying salt or plowing a good damned thing. Although what difference two hours is going to make is beyond me. and really school is overrated.

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