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broken, day 2

I’ve been extremely productive so far.

030808 004

That’s me, grabbing my cat’s face. He hates that. Note the wet hair, though. I showered!

030808 005

That’s him getting up to leave, since he doesn’t really like having his picture taken. Plus, he’s pissed at me because I promised to replace the litter in his box and I haven’t yet.

Not pictured is the baby who, at the time that these pictures were taken, was downstairs in his pajamas at 3 p.m. and watching corny movies about snakes that are not Anaconda (and all star Pat Morita for some reason) on the Sci Fi Channel. Clearly, I’m setting him up for success in life. At the moment, he’s upstairs yelling his argument for wearing the same underwear for the second day in a row.

We’re supposed to go to the record store later to partake in their “grand re-opening festivities,” which I imagine consist of the husband arguing with Arnie in Squirrel Hill as opposed to East Liberty.

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