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pint-sized dork

The baby, the sister-in-law, and I went to the record store on Saturday and spent a good bit of time in the Jerry’s portion of the store. The baby wanted to get some records to add to his tiny starter collection.

030808 007

He dug through some crates.

030808 008

Then he had to, of course, listen to his selection before purchasing. His pick? “La Di Da Di”.

When we got home he wanted to watch his Kraftwerk DVD and then went about fashioning his own little Kraftwerk performance set up, complete with stand, laptop, keyboard, and mic headset.

030808 011

Crappy video of his performance here, although I didn’t capture the cutest part, which was the baby cupping his hand over his mouth to sing just like the dude from Kraftwerk.

I love that kid.

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