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I think part of my molar just broke off.

I think.

I’m not in any pain.

I was eating mushy Indian food and felt something hard in my mouth and figured it was perhaps a shriveled lentil and considered swallowing it but decided to investigate. I tried to place the off-white chip among my food and slowly realized that it might not be food.

And then I freaked out a little.

Then I moved my tongue over all of my teeth and felt a difference in the way my back molars felt on right side compared with the left side.

I hate hate hate having tooth problems. This whole thing is making my eye twitch.

The dentist is sick and can’t see me until Thursday. “Uh, am I…like…in any danger if it waits that long?” I asked the receptionist. I’m new to this situation. I don’t know what questions to ask.

I still have half of my lunch left but I’m afraid to eat it lest I one of my fingers falls off or something.

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  • I have lost chunks of molars in the past. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t have them repaired. Do you I feel good about that fact? No. But you are not in danger.

  • HL, seriously, that’s very reassuring. I much prefer hearing that as opposed to “OMFG GROSS GO TO THE HOSPITAL!”

  • You’ll be fine. And it shouldn’t be painful. You’ll just get a crown or something. And then you can tell everyone you are royalty, officially.

  • That has happened to me too. I agree on the eye twitching, it’s like chewing on fabric… makes me cringe.

    Thankfully you didn’t swallow it!

  • I lost part of my molar about a month ago, I was rolling into St. Vincents College in my minivan and all of the sudden there was part of my molar in my mouth. It freaked me out for a minute then I got mad. I don’t have time for the dentist, nor did I feel like shelling out money for it. I am now all ghetto with part of a molar…at least it’s hidden. I hide my ghetto.

  • missyb

    Me, too! Chips. Gnarly.

    It was explained to me by the dentist who knows such things that when this happens, it is in your unquestionably best interest to deal with it ASAP. The surface of your teeth is built for abuse, but the tender guts are vulnerable and not handling it will inevitably lead to badder baddies down the pike.

    Cause in my experience with this thing, you totally get used to the new landscape in your mouth and you forget about the panic and just go on.. In my case like.. several months. And then it’s a root canal and a crown and that really sucks.

    Dental bills happen. You’ve got one. Make it cheap and handle it straight out the gate.

  • Alaina

    Oh man that sucks! I’m only reading this on Weds. so I’m assuming you’ll get it fixed tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. I love tooth stuff.

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