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Hi, there.

So, the good news is that my tooth is fine. The dentist didn’t see any evidence that any of my teeth broke or chipped and thinks that it must have been some excess from one of my white fillings that fell out. The husband speculated that maybe it was someone else’s piece of broken tooth that fell in my food.

I think I’m going to stick with the dentist on this one.

In any case, he better be right because if I have to go have a root canal in three months, I’m not paying for it nor I will pay for the general anesthesia and the huge bottle of Vicodin that I will insist upon. (Read: I really don’t like painful dental work or oral surgery and do what I can to prevent it.)

In other physical malady news, the baby has some nice excema on his face. It’s not too bad; you can’t tell by looking at him that his skin is all gross. I only discovered it the other day when I was grabbing his face to squish it. My exclamation of “Ew!” startled him, but I reassured him and told him the truth about the situation: “Son, you’re turning into a lizard.” Anyway, I’m slathering him with cortisone as much as he’ll let me.

He’s watching Ultraman right now, which is totally educational: he needs to either learn to read much faster to catch the subtitles or figure out how to speak Japanese. I’m practically homeschooling the kid right now, you know?

We went to Incredibly Strange Video last night to take advantage of their liquidation sale. Sadly, Bruce, the owner, has decided to close up shop. We’re all very bummed about it, since the experience of going to the store and finding weird little movies to enjoy is very fun and, I think, very valuable for the baby. I want him to know that whatever is presented and advertised to you isn’t always the best thing available, that sometimes you have to search for the things that really speak to you.

I stocked up on a few campy cult classics because I think I have some deep-seeded desire to open a drive-in. The baby talked to Bruce about Godzilla for awhile and they posed for a picture together.

031508 002

Of course, none of this ruminating about the loss of an indie gem has been helping my mood as of late. This crap was only the precursor to a few days of emotional fuckery. I feel better today overall. But a lot of times it feels like I’m short-circuiting.

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