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Last night, I wrapped up a two-day open house for admitted grad students to my department. I’m really glad that’s over. Handling events makes me very nervous. The whole thing seemed to make my hair frizz to astonishing heights.

Also, the people in my department can really put ’em back. I’m actually a little nervous to show my boss the receipts on Monday.

In any case, me and the sister-in-law are going to meet Sara G for yoga in a little bit. Joining us will be this gigantic pimple that I have on my chin. His name’s Fred. Yeah, okay, nevermind. Apparently people crossing the Liberty Bridge think it’s an awesome idea to drive into oncoming traffic and cause traffic jams on an otherwise lovely Saturday morning. And to think the state won’t give me a driver’s license.

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  • Hey, I had a great time at the events. Apparently the MAPW n00bs were asking about me at happy hour. :)

    I think you did a great job.

  • nellie

    There’s a reason the state won’t give YOU a driver’s license.

  • Frank Provo

    The state of Washington wouldn’t give me a license either. But now, some 10 years since moving out of Seattle and nearing the “ripe” age of 33, I’m giving it the ol’ try again. Training permit acquired. For the past couple weeks, my gf has been my co-pilot in her newly financed 06 Hyundai Accent.

    I’ve given her a few OMG moments, but we’re both still alive, and the car hasn’t earned any new dents. Not bad, considering when I took driver’s ed in high school the instructor basically failed me long before the course ended. Yeah… I didn’t stay between the lines enough. Could be worse: my friend Don actually managed to flip a Ford Escort onto its roof.

    Maybe time transforms people into better drivers?

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