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apologies to my son’s teachers

The baby has been coating everything with snot the past few days and I’m guessing since all three of us are taking turns sniffling, sneezing, and “ugh”ing, that it’s seasonal allergy time in the kdiddy household. I gave the baby a swig of Benadryl this morning to hopefully combat the constant flow of mucous, and only after I had sent him off to school did I notice the “causes excitability in children” notice on the label.

Sweet. The kid’s already on 11 most of the time, which is weird since me, his dad, and even our cat are all


The sister-in-law and I met up with Sara G again last night for some yoga. While trying to coax my foot behind my head with the help of a strap, I gave my ear rope burn. Then the SiL was trying to convince me that we should take up racketball and I told her that that is a guaranteed broken nose for me (or, for that matter, her) as I am not coordinated whatsoever. And you know, I really wonder how I managed to stick with ballet for so long.

Dudes. I have about 3 weeks of this semester left. I am now Lucky in The Three Amigos…”Gonna make it…gonna make it…gonna make it…”

2 comments to apologies to my son’s teachers

  • Hahahaha! That cartoon is hilarious!

  • God bless you for quoting the Three Amigos AND for posting a Far Side cartoon. You just pinpointed 2 of my major early-life influences.

    For the record, I always say “Gonna make it…gonna make it…” and no one knows what in hell I am talking about.

    My other favorites: “Just have fun with it – I’m just gonna have fun with it,” and, “It’s a sweater!”

    Hope you all feel better soon.

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