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well, it took me about 15 weeks…

but I’m finally starting to really screw up in my classes. I guess I should be impressed that I managed to keep my head above water for this long.

I suppose I tend to block out how high the demands get at my job this time of year. Now matter how much I think I prepare, I always get blindsided. Now I have 3 major MAJOR things coming up and I don’t know how I’ll have the time to handle all of them plus not fail my classes.

I’m officially completely and totally overwhelmed and panicked.

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  • I’m up for reappointment at my job this year and my dossier was due today. It took me 4 solid months of working on it and, last week, I got so overwhelmed I actually got hives. I walked around for the past month just on verge of tears no matter what I was doing or where I was. BUT today I turned that mofo in and its done. And I’m not even half as smart as you. Speaking of you being smart, if you are panicked its obviously because there is real life shit riding on what you are doing. That being said, I am betting that you will get it all done because it has to get done and you are the type of gal who gets. theshit. done. Not saying it won’t suck while you’re doing it but my bets are on you getting through alright.

    And if that misguided attempt at bucking you up actually makes you want to smack me I’ll just shut up and offer to buy you lunch at work sometime this week or next. Its my duty as a grad school survivor to make sure you eat lunch now and then…

  • Every time I think I can’t do it, I think of how you do it…with a KID. And then I shut the fuck up. Of course you’re overwhelmed. Your life is ridiculous. However, you’re also a bad-ass mother fucker, so drink a beer, get yourself up in the morning and remind yourself that you can DO THIS SHIT because you pushed a human out of your vagina, and if you can do that, you can do anything.

    P.S. I’m a little drunk. That is how I am dealing with this week, and that’s MY. CHOICE. ok?

  • If you need any help–looking over a paper or any research help–let me know. I’d be happy to do what I can.

  • You are holding a big old world on your shoulders, Atlas. I think all I can do is send you strength vibes but I’m totally doing that, promise.

  • Oh noes! This is the reason I can’t go back to school. I would CRACK under the pressure.

    But you are way more awesome than I am, so I know you’ll be fine and pull through it.

  • insane student

    omg i know how you feel. i am finishing my last semester like bolt and i think if i don’t pull my hair it will fall out very very soon. you can do it. i am also hlding down a household and a full time job along with the 16 credits i thought i could handle, whoa stupid idea. if you need a shoulder to break down on or a babysitter, (i am a friend of bolt’s from high school, i meant you and your cute kid at her grad party) i would be happy to try and help out

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