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but you say it’s just a plant

Frank sent me a link to this children’s book about weed and I’m having a hard time accepting that it’s a real book.

Let me ‘splain.


A little girl wanders into her parents’ room one night because she smells something funny and her parents are all, “Duuude.” However…the carpeting? The rainbow headboard? Seriously?

The next day the mom offers to take her daughter on a field trip to learn about the weeds from a farmer and a doctor and some other buddies. So they dress like:


because it’s Halloween. Suurrrreeee.


Here we have a collage of all of the different types of people who smoke trees, including Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Frankly, insinuating that W partakes of the herbs is insulting to potheads everywhere.


The mom and the little girl run into some black people, who are not at work but smoking weed at the take-out joint…


…until the cops show up to arrest them. WTF, man?

Let me state for the record that if you’re about to go off on some anti-pot screed, save it. You’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not opposed to such a book, I just wish it wasn’t so stupid. And psychedelic.

Or else, someone should direct me to where I can smoke something that will make the gynecologist’s office look like this:


And that will allow me to be surrounded by world leaders who, presumably, have access to the all of the junk food stores in the world.

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