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If you wanted to buy a Sam Cooke album, where would you go?

Anyway, have some smattering…

050208 005

That, my friends, is our car. We went and got it last night. It’s a zippy little thing and it has all of those new-fangled things like airbags and air conditioning and seatbelts that aren’t completely twisted. It’s a gigantic upgrade for us.

Pardon the cloudy picture. I took it through the screen door this morning and I was still un-showered and in my pajamas.

050208 004

I took this picture a few days ago to illustrate the pretty purplish-pink and spring green combo that was all over the place. Isn’t it yummy? I wish the colors could stay like that all summer.

050208 003

This is the mourning dove that lives on our porch. She’s mad pregnant. The slut.

050208 006

That’s the grass in our front yard. Yeah. We’re those people on your street who make it difficult to sell your house. I’m deliberately only showing you a small portion, because I think if I showed you what it really looks like you would wonder when I moved to the savanna. This is why I can’t live in the suburbs. I would already have been put on some kind of witch trial for letting it go like this. Although…two years ago one of our neighbors passive-aggressively cut our grass after it got to about this point and if you’re trying to make a snotty point, I don’t know why you would do that. How do you know I won’t just think, “Oh, sweet, the grass-cutting gnomes were here?” I think a better tactic is to shave “CUT ME” into the grass.

050208 008

“Let me out! Must kill small wildlife!” Yesterday, this guy was practicing his pouncing with one of his toys, going over and over his moves from various angles, looking very serious about the whole thing. I realized that he reminds me of Uncle Rico in Napolean Dynamite and I’m waiting for him to start telling me about how he almost won the big game back in ’88.

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