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i am the stupidest white person

Someone on flickr just questioned my street cred!

Anyway, the Rick Wilhite thing on Saturday was pretty fun. There was a decent turn-out, but there was a mass exodus around 1 a.m. or so. Very strange.

051108 013

Rick Wilhite and his aura played many good records, including “Numbers” by Kraftwerk as a special treat.

051108 016

Jwan’s ear! Jwan encouraged me to wear high heels more often but dude, I was practically in tears by the end of the night. Ballet made my feet all wide and thick. They are not dainty enough for girly shoes.

051108 019

Frank showed up! He was in town for a friend’s wedding! I really need to get my teeth cleaned!

051108 024

The event was all multimedia n’at. This painting was created on-site and I kind of want it for my dining room. There was also a sneak peek at Paul Dang’s movie Still City. Paul’s been working on the movie for awhile and I hope he’s able to release it soon because it looks pretty awesome. I love the title, too. It’s a play on words. People from this area tend to pronounce “steel” as “still” (ie, Stillers instead of Steelers). Imagery-wise it’s also pretty great. The three rivers flow through us constantly, but Pittsburgh is still, right in the middle of it. And Pittsburgh, for better or worse, never goes anywhere. Take that however you want. It just contains this weird mixture of people who are creative and loyal and cynical and interesting and just all around kind of weird.

10 comments to i am the stupidest white person

  • bolt

    Jwan encouraged you to wear heels and me to show off my titties. Haha. Let’s attempt to be girly! It’ll be fun!

  • kent

    I thought all serious dancers dress sexy as they wanna be but always with some sensible-shoes! The girls hin high heels can barely dance — they just flex they heels and wave they arms around.

  • kent

    I swear that last comment has extra characters I didn’t type

  • em

    what aidan and thomas did next

    Thomas: when i was playing records not too long ago
    me: cause it’s a path that i wouldn’t go down. too much to lose
    Thomas: this really hot chick came in
    she was with her friends
    it was her 21st birthday
    23:40 she was very drunk
    my wife overheard her talking about how she wanted to take me home and fuck the shit out of me
    i was like “why are you telling me this?!?!?!!”
    23:42 me: fuck. but it’s a good ego boost.
    23:43 Thomas: yeah definitely
    me: except your ol’ lady must have been pissed. or maybe she saw the funny side. also, it’s good for her. means she didn’t marry an ugly choad.
    Thomas: but i wanted to take her up on that offer
    she was kinda drunk herself, she thought it was funny.
    me: course. that goes without saying
    23:44 we have to practice such restraint
    Thomas: i later found the girl on myspace and added her, showing off the fact that i am married and with a kid. so that ended that nonsense.
    me: you’ll have to sned me the link.
    5 minutes
    23:49 Thomas: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=778632
    23:51 also, are you familiar with matt chester, the dood who owns 11th hour records?
    me: yeah, saw him dj.
    he was brilliant
    Thomas: his girl is fucking banging
    23:52 me: she is, my girl loves him
    even if she has a trout pout
    Thomas: ha
    23:53 me: i got big ass lips, so i don’t know what i’m talking about
    23:54 Thomas: interesting that you would have such high praise for matt’s deejaying, ive not seen him live but his mixes leave me cold
    23:55 me: in a club setting, he was great. also, he dropped u got the look
    Thomas: nice!
    me: and mixed a top mark broom track into it. riding the riddim for ages
    Thomas: sounds much more daring than anything on his mixes
    23:57 me: yeah, suppose.
    23:58 but prince is a safe bet for techno djs
    Thomas: thats true. but for as straightforward as his mixes are, i wouldnt have even assumed he’d own that record.
    23:59 i was actually surprised at the stuff that he likes, and how much i liekd him. i kinda assumed he’d be into really standard shit.
    me: he seems like a personable individual
    Thomas: yeah he was a really cool guy.
    me: dude, that girl is gorgeous
    00:00 Thomas: which, the one who was talking about taking me home?
    or matt’s girl?
    me: take-away girl
    Thomas: yeah man
    she was pretty much ridiculous
    00:01 and she was going nuts because i was playing al green “love and happiness” and bobby caldwell “what you wont do for love”
    me: but the grass is never greener
    good taste on her part
    Thomas: exactly
    bomb girls who like good music is what the fuck is up
    00:02 me: in an alternate reality you will marry her and she will have your babies. or you just have hot sex.
    Thomas: i have no thoughts of ever being in a relationship with any woman other than my wife. but id like to fuck the shit out of many women. just once. each.
    00:06 me: the dream
    Thomas: indeed\
    its all about spreading the seed. i have no love for hoes.
    00:08 me: you’re right!
    00:11 the idea of sleepin’ with the same woman for the rest of my life, it is gonna test my admittedly weak resolve
    Thomas: i mean, im not against sleeping with one person over and over and over
    00:12 as long as theres some others thrown in to keep it all fresh 😉
    me: you’re a dirtbird
    00:13 Thomas: indeed i am
    me: but i dig it



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