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Big Work Thing went…okay. There were a couple of snags that could have been prevented if I had been a little more vigilant during the planning process. Nothing life-ending, but embarrassing nonetheless. Yet another good thing about me cutting back to one class per semester in the fall. My brain is obviously revolting against me and trying to make me look foolish.

Anyway, I got home from the Big Work Thing and changed out of my dress clothes…and immediately got my period. It was rad. So I’m totally relaxed now, except for my uterus. That old girl is just cramping away. The bitch.

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  • Mary

    I think the Big Work Thing went awesome. My family was super-shocked by my surprise (since I didn’t tell ’em about the speech in advance) and it was nice that you got to meet Joe, finally. Plus, yum, snacks.

    • snacks were very yummy. I wouldn’t mind having a constant supply of potstickers at my house. it was too bad I didn’t get to meet mama and papa van tyne! next time!

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