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thank you for flying church of england

I love when friends of ours wordlessly post pictures like this on their flickr with no explanation. Just them, their neck brace, and their morphine drip. Like, what the hell happened to you, dude?

As you may have noticed, I am on the internet even though I need to be packing because we’re heading to Detroit on Thursday. Tomorrow night we’re going to see Eddie Izzard (eee!) so I need to have my clothes mostly ready to go plus clothes for the baby. However, we had to go to the mall to get me some jeans and a Penguins tshirt (I have to represent) so we popped over to Popeye’s for dinner. Ugh. I feel like I ate some softballs or something. Plus, I have a headache. So, I can’t really move. I can just sit here and burp.

Anyway, why are we going to Detroit? Well, see, we’re dorks. And we’re going to the big electronic music festival that they have every year. This is my fifth year!

Ugh, god, I am seriously breaking up with Popeye’s forever, even if their biscuits are made with crack and rainbows.

But check it out: I got some sunglasses.

Photo 48

I haven’t had sunglasses in two years! My old ones were tragically bent the day of my bachelorette party and that was BEFORE the drinking commenced. But now I shall sashay my way through Detroit with my big honkin’ glasses and my Penguins shirt. Hopefully, I don’t get beat up by a Red Wings fan.

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