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addendum to my last post

I feel the need to point out that while that picture is slightly zoomed in, it’s really no exaggeration to say that I really was that close to him.

So, like, let’s say | = one foot.

Eddie Izzard

I’m not even shitting you. And for that lovely position, I must thank my buddy Andrew for helping me to hook up those amazing front row, center tickets.

2 comments to addendum to my last post

  • Nobody likes a braggy pants, you know. My blue eyes are wicked green right now.

  • A comment on the aendddum unless you have been informed by your child’s pediatrician that they are not eating enough or not gaining enough weight, don’t make that diagnosis on your own. Kids grow very differently from one another one kid may be skinny and another could be quite plump and they can both be healthy and developing perfectly fine Let the doctor make the call. Don’t try to fatten your kid up with sweets and other crap. Those tastes will become habit, and fat cells don’t go away.So here’s a 3rd recommendation: Since you don’t want your kids to eat crap, don’t eat crap in front of your kids! I’m aware this is a problem for me, and I’m trying to heed my own advice. But, if you’re going to use your kid if I’m going to use my kid as an excuse, use him in the right direction I can’t eat this crap, because I don’t want my son to eat this crap.

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