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good morning from Detroit

I’m currently in the lobby of our hotel, gazing at the Renaissance Center and getting ready to go eat some artery-clogging breakfast after a luxuriously long night of sleep. Why am I so tired? Oh, because I spent about five hours in the emergency room of Henry Ford Hospital yesterday.

Nothing serious, just that the husband woke up yesterday with severe pain in his knee and didn’t know why. As far as the doctors could tell, it’s nothing serious, though they do think he has arthritis, which HAHAHAHAA UR OLD! He’s feeling much better today, just all hopped up on Aleve and dragging his leg along since it’s all wrapped up in an immobilizer.

I will say that the staff at Henry Ford are pretty awesome, so score one for Detroit there. Of course, spending time in a Detroit ER is, uh, an experience. I’m really, really glad that I have insurance, is all I’m saying and everyone needs it.

Aside, the local radio stations here are pretty rad. Right now I’m listening to “I Would Die 4 U” by Prince. At 10 a.m. On a Saturday. WTF?

Musically, I’m not sure what we’re getting into today/tonight. I believe we are going to the roller skating party, thought I’m already feeling embarrassed by my lack of skating skills. And, obviously, I’m not trying to spend more time in the ER this weekend.

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  • Lizzie

    I can’t believe you’re in Detroit for a *different* reason, while I’m sitting here watching the Penguins play there!

  • Lizzie

    (Wait, does that sound accusatory? I meant it in a “what a coincidence!” way, not a “you should have gone for the Penguins instead” way.)

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