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hard nizzy

Today is also, most likely, the last day that Schenley High School will be in existence. The PG has a great video of the students speaking about the closing of the greatest school ever.

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  • wow. while i can totally believe bureaucrats are trying to close down a school, i can’t glean from that article that this is anything except scenario where they didn’t take care of the building and it’s too late. it doesn’t sound like the student population is dwindling or that there isn’t support for the school to stay open. it just sounds like there’s no available funding.

    why not hit up the warhol trust for some underwriting and make it the “andy warhol auditorium”? hit up one of the FOUR world class universities within a stone’s-throw and ask them for a little cheese? HELL, HAVE A DAMN BAKE SALE!! something….

    • who knows. supposedly it’s an attempt to rearrange funds so that more schools can benefit, but I think that’s bullshit, especially coming from a total choad like Mark Roosevelt. I don’t think benefiting the schools has ever been that man’s bottom line, and now he’s destroying a great school to divy up into a bunch of shittier ones.

  • Wow. I have never seen so much school spirit. No one would have batted an eye if they closed my high school.

    How incredibly sad.

    • it is really sad, especially since the school spirit isn’t just a “rah rah football!” type. EVERYONE loves it there, EVERYONE has a place there. the musical is supported and celebrated as much as the sports. it’s just the perfect high school. it’s so wrong that it’s closing.

  • Megan

    Sorry, but I am sick of the belly-aching over a school building that is falling apart. As a city tax payer and an educator, I see no point in pouring money into an old building when a district is as financially strapped as PPS is. Why aren’t folks showing up to complain over the ridiculous curriculum that has been purchased and now needs rewritten?
    If the much vaunted “Schenley spirit” is as strong as everyone claims, it will survive no matter what.

    • yeah. we’ll see what happens when they try to close Fox Chapel or North Hills. thanks, Megan.

    • oh, that’s right. they won’t. they don’t close the schools in the rich suburbs. just those where the broke kids are found. it’s not the building, it’s the community. you split up those kids, I guarantee that you are writing their ticket to mediocrity.
      also, you can save your condescending tone and your sarcastic quotes for the faculty lounge.

  • Megan

    No, they won’t close Fox Chapel (which actually has a feeder pattern that includes “broke kids”-check your facts there, girlfriend) or North Hills because they are financially stable, well performing districts where ALL the kids get a shot at a decent education. PPS is trying to get back to that, and I applaud Roosevelt for not being mired in the traditionalist thinking that has brought PPS to its current deplorable state.
    You and your myopic “Save Schenley” brethren are just too emotional about your alma mater to see that.
    Now, put away those black and red Spartan pom-poms and take a look at the district in general.

    • You know, Megan, you’re a really shitty person. I did not post the original post to start a debate about whether or not the school should be closed. In fact, I’ve pretty much come to terms with the it being a done deal at this point. I was merely mourning its closing. And as a very proud alum of that very fine institution, that is my right. YOU were the one who decided to smugly pick at that scab and I foolishly entertained you. Your smarmy attitude is appalling, especially coming from an educator. You are for the closing. Fine. But I would really hope that you would be at least a little sensitive to the fact that the students are sad about this. Regardless of whatever future benefits may come from Schenley’s closing, I think you can at least put away the condescension for a few minutes and acknowledge that it’s a sad thing.

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