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We watched Funny Games last night, which turned out to be a really interesting choice as the clock ticked past midnight and it became Father’s Day. Funny Games is a shot-for-shot remake of the Austrian original from 1997.

Another interesting thing about Funny Games is that it is quite possibly the must fucked up movie ever. I felt completely disturbed when it was over and am contemplating never leaving the city ever again.

What made our viewing even weirder was that the husband happened to look out the window and notice that this intense fog had descended on our neighborhood. But not like nice misty fog, dense soggy fog. Like The Fog. I tried to take some pictures of it but my camera isn’t really made for taking very low light pictures. You can kind of get the idea, though.

061508 001

The husband ran his fingers up and down the screen to show that it was completely soaked.

061508 004

I did not take this picture through the screen. Those are droplets of fog all around me. Check out the glow from the streetlight.

061508 007

Dark and creepy street view.

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to those of who are of the paternal persuasion. The baby and I gave the husband some fancy facial scrub and lotion hoping to remedy his dry, flaky skin situation. I’ll make a metrosexual out of him yet!

3 comments to shall we begin?

  • Ben

    I enjoyed the original Funny Games when I saw it a few weeks ago. It creeped me out as well, though come the end I felt cheated because the bad guys didnt get what they deserved but after reading some things about the movie. I found that it was the directors intention to basically break the rule there are no rules when it comes to horror films and actions that happen against us in real life. The director showed this off alot when he had the one of the main boys stop and ask questions to the audience alot, and with the remote control scene. Over all I liked it though I have to say.

  • sheer delight = the thought of your hubby all dolled up a la this. i’ve got the giggles….

  • arn

    I saw Funny Games at Loews. VERY fucked up movie. I kinda dug the part where the one kid gets shot and they rewind the scene to deprive the audience of it’s expected catharsis.

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