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fits and starts

Gah, four days since my last post and I feel all rusty. I’m not sure how to start one of these things.

Anyway, even though it’s somewhat after the fact, I want to thank the fine gals at Cupcakes Take the Cake for featuring my little cups of sin on their site and wave hello to all of the folks who wandered over here. I also need to acknowledge the sister-in-law, who was kind enough to procure many of the ingredients and also frosted the cupcakes, which is a step that I just don’t enjoy.


Thanks, bitch.

So, dudes. I need two things from you. I’m in the market for a new (biggish) purse/tote bag and would love some recommendations for handmade types. I’m also wanting to expand my food blog reading and could use some guidance there.

I have some more substantive posts floating around in my head but I’m still all disjointed.

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