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i don’t want to survive. i want to live.

We saw WALL-E yesterday and I have to say that if you are generally not prone to believing the hype, you really should gobble this movie’s hype up.

I guess if you wanted to put a cutesy tag to WALL-E, I would describe it as 2001 for the grade school set…and for adults who “don’t get” 2001. The references are pretty hard to miss. There’s very little dialogue, they use some of the same music, plus the whole concept of the movie borrows heavily from 2001: a history of man on earth and in space, man’s rebirth and new history. And of course there’s the ship’s autopilot, who is very obviously HAL in a new outfit.

\"I\'m sorry Dave, I\'m afraid I can\'t do that.\"

I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

I’ve seen similar themes in a lot of popular culture recently (see also: Idiocracy and Joe Rogan Live just to name two). I think/hope that many people are starting to question our future, much in the same way that the humans aboard the Axiom suddenly realize that there’s a whole galaxy beyond their communication screens and a planet that they abused and then abandoned at the command of a giant, monolithic corporation/government. What will become of our home, how much is fate, how much do we have control over? And what will become of us? Is there hope for our species? Or are we merely cycling around again? Maybe we’ll devolve until we’ve forgotten everything and then we’ll reset or re-evolve and rediscover the earth.

At the risk of sounding totally hokey and all like, “Let me introduce you to my magical healing crystals that I bought on Amazon!” I honestly feel like big things are going to start happening. I know part of this is watching too many nerd shows about Mayan prophecy and shit. Or maybe it’s a tiny sprout of optimism that hopes that it’s not too late.

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  • I loved it too. I had no idea there where any ties to other movies, but that is really cute. The only weird thing about WALL-E was that since we went on opening weekend we where generously awarded with 2 plastic watches for the kids, both of which where nothing but 2 plastic bracelets less than a day later because they didn’t work. Not gonna spoil the movie-but that kinda goes against what it is about yes?

    Also, that boot is really really old.

  • “At the risk of sounding totally hokey and all like, “Let me introduce you to my magical healing crystals that I bought on Amazon!”” -HEART YOU.

    also, why does your blog not seem to want to remember me? I AM NO STRANGER HERE.

  • OMG SPOILERZ!!!111 Betch.

    I haven’t gone yet – too busy dancing with naked gay boys for family fun. I think I want to wait out the kids, although I have heard this movie has this eerie, calming effect on children, so maybe I’ll give into anticipation later this week. I’m glad it isn’t a let down.

  • PS the picture of WALL-E with the boot-flower made me die a little.

  • Oh, WALL-E. He broke my heart, and made me cry big fat tears into my Twizzlers.

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