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Our buddy Jwan was over last night and the husband mentioned that until the other night, I had never seen Top Gun. Jwan was flabbergasted. When the husband told him that I haven’t seen Wall Street either, Jwan gave me a rather disgusted look. The two of them started going down a mental list of classic 80s and 90s movies and soon everyone in the room was questioning just what the hell I was doing during my formative years.

“Well, I was really busy with ballet and stuff. Plus, my mom would get sporadically restrictive about what I watched. Like Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour? I taped that and then for some reason after a few weeks my mom decided it was vulgar and made me tape over it.”

And this is weird, because my parents weren’t overly concerned with vulgarity or about me watching movies that were beyond my MPAA-rating zone. But I really would like to know what happened and why I haven’t seen all of Heathers or Platoon and why I haven’t seen An Officer and a Gentleman or Heat or Risky Business.

Jwan volunteered to see to it that I round out my cinematic arsenal, then we got back to talking about Top Gun. I did really like it in all of its cheesy 80s glory. Then Jwan said, “Plus, it’s like the most homoerotic thing ever.”

“Dude, seriously!” I said. “That volleyball scene? My god! I loved that about it. So cheeky!”

“I really don’t see the homoeroticism,” said the husband.

Jwan and I both shrieked at the husband and then I closed the case.

“Dude, Jwan and I are definitely not the only ones who think this. Let me show what comes up FIRST when you search for Top Gun on YouTube.”

* * *

Anyway, I will be chilling with the fam upstate over the next few days so this space will be lonely since internet access is sparse (eep!). Don’t have too much fun without me.

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