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my new uniform: boxers and a camisole

Oh hai, innernets. My grand plans for today included getting up early(ish), making English muffins, writing some stuff for MamaPop, doing all of the laundry, showering, and packing.

So far I have accomplished the following: sleeping until 11:30, drinking a lot of coffee, sneezing, getting a headache, and going to the bathroom.

I guess allergies are to blame, but I feel not unlike crap today. It was also a pretty rough week and I’m rather drained. We’re supposed to head up to the lake after the husband is done with work this evening, but if I can’t get in gear it might have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe we can go see The Dark Knight tonight. I really can’t wait to go apeshit over that movie.

So, during my aforementioned trip to the bathroom, I noted that the reading material that we provide for those persons whose stay in our lavatory is, um, extended is pretty excellent. Check it:

071908 002

We have four issues of Martha Stewart Living, which I subscribe to but don’t really read because it gives me anxiety; waxpoetics, a very dense music magazine that makes me realize that I know relatively nothing about music; The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Composition, which the husband checks out from time to time; that orange magazine is Straight No Chaser, another music magazine; mental_floss, which I love and need to subscribe to; The Boondocks (love!); Cliches, which is a reference book of cliches (who knew?) and was one of the first presents the husband gave to me and I realize that this is kind of odd; 1000 Songs to Change Your Life.

At Casa de kdiddy, you will emerge from our bathroom armed with knowledge that you didn’t know you needed. We do what we can.

Entirely unrelated, but I’m happy to report that my kid has been spending many of his days out and about, swimming, biking, etc. I’m also happy to report that his complexion isn’t as crap as mine, and he manages to tan a bit, or at least not burst into flames like his mom. He does get a smattering of freckles though, which are beyond adorable. It looks like someone grabbed a pinch of summer and dashed it onto his face.

071908 003

I’m going to go gnaw on his cheeks.

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