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let’s just start chanting “u.s.a!” right now


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  • Akiramich

    “Lat-Via Sucks! Lat-Via Sucks!!”

  • Amie

    Yeah, I saw some other shots of the beach-volleyball scenes with Bush – them “training” him or whatever – and somehow it seems undignified to see the president of our country COVERED in sweat.

  • NGS

    I think I was most horrified that the broadcasters said something about how May and Walsh had rubbed shoulders with the president three times in the last month. He doesn’t have anything better to do than hang with the volleyball players? I’d like to be friends with them, too, but I don’t have a country to run that’s involved in major military operations!!

  • nawj

    Actual conversation while discussing the weekend recaps of Olympic action:

    Boss (female): ” Why are the women’s beach volleyball uniforms so much smaller than the men’s?.”

    nawj:” Because it’s awesome”

    Boss: “For whom?”

    nawj: ” Men and Lesbians”

    Normally I would try to come up with a more eloquent response, but the images above just about sums up what immediately comes to mind when I think of these fine women in the sand.

  • George Bush was in that picture?

  • after 7+ years, i think my will is finally broken. i’m actually ok with it.

    i watched his mini-interview with Costas, and for the first time since his election, i didn’t have to supress the urge to leave the room, or ignore that “i just threw up in my mouth a little” taste…i must be desensitized.

    at the very least, him hanging out with olympic athletes keeps him away from shoulder rubs for foreign dignitaries, starting other armed conflicts under false pretenses, and keeps him away from that goddamned ranch.

  • Karen D.

    As a former co-worker mentioned, he finally looks like he is in his element.

  • I just love this photo. It’s still hilarious no matter how many times I see it!

    Also, I tagged you for a meme! Don’t feel obligated to do it, but someone has to be tagged, and you’re it! :)

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