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decompression, all i’ve ever wanted


That was my fridge on Saturday. The fridge that I had as a sophomore in college looked shockingly similar, minus the green juice (try as I might, I just can’t get into drinking the stuff, but am really happy that the baby loves it). It also smelled very similar to my young kdiddy fridge up until last night when I finally found a hunk of mozzarella that had weird red spots in it. Whoops.


So, we had two weeks in the Outer Banks and it was just wonderful. My dad rented this awesome house right on the beach. We don’t get to see my dad that much, so getting to hang out with him was great.


We fell into a really comfortable pattern of lingering over coffee in the morning before strolling a few feet to the beach. The water was warm and renewing and the sand was incredibly soft. Several of my dad’s friends stayed with us and were excellent cooks, so we would have delicious dinner every night before retiring to the tiki bar.


A few times, the husband and I took a moonlit stroll on the beach, dodging crabs and frightening the groups of teenagers that would gather to do any number of illicit things by the light of campfire.


The bushes on the dune by the beach hid the remnants of those gatherings…beer bottles…panties…you know, the usual.


I got to hang out with this guy a lot. We dug holes in the sand and dug trenches so that the ocean would fill them up and completely failed at building a sandcastle. Architecture is not in our bones.


We ate tons of BBQ and got the itis.


We topped off our trip with a stop at Idlewild.

We got really used to being barefoot constantly and wearing shorts at the most. Being here now, in shoes and pants, feels downright oppressive.

School starts next week for all three of us. The baby is starting first grade, which I just can’t believe. The husband is entering his last year of undergrad. I think we’re all very excited for him to be done. It’s been a struggle for all of us to get him through, but his degree will present him with many opportunities. Hopefully by this time next year we will no longer be a one-income family and things won’t be so precarious all the time.

I still have about two years to go on my master’s, but I’m not regretting slowing down with my coursework.

The cicadas hiss that fall will be here soon. I’ll miss this summer. I drank it in. And it was lovely.


5 comments to decompression, all i’ve ever wanted

  • I’ll take your green juice! I’ve been craving a Green Machine all day. I think I got hooked after watching Rene Russo’s character down that stuff in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair.’

  • Alaina

    I’m looking at your fridge, and it’s like, “miracle whip – check, banilla yogurt – check, pesto stuff – check.” I can’t get into that green stuff, but I used to drink the Passion Fruit flavor and ooooohhhhh it’s so good.

  • Green Machine is ok, but I prefer Odwalla Superfood or R.W. Knudsen Mega Green, because they hide the icky spirulina taste better.

  • Also, your kiddo is so adorable, but every time I see his buzzed hair I am bummed he didn’t get that mohawk. Still, want to smoosh his face.

  • k

    I used to go to Idlewild as a kid! I LOVED that place; my grandparents lived nearby. I have all of the requisite pictures in storybook forest.

    Try v8 fusion, I think that I like it more than the green juice and I can make myself believe that I’m pretty much drinking a salad. Win.

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