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no, seriously. i suck at math.

My department had orientation for the new graduate students yesterday that ended with a happy hour, mixer type thing at a local watering hole. It was nice, but I was really worn out from readjusting to regular life after vacation.

This morning, when I woke up, my brain finished dumping its dregs of thoughts and dreams and for some reason I recalled snippets of conversations from last night. A number of people asked me when I would be done with my master’s and with quite a great deal of embarrassment, I realized that I told everyone some variation of, “I have two years left, so I’ll be done in May 2009.”

Yeah. May 2009, for those of you playing at home is in 9 months. Not two years.

But if I made a hefty deposit into the karmic bank of cringe-worthy moments with that nonsense, I think I redeemed myself somewhat with the exchange that I had with the husband when I got home. He spent his evening downloading iPhone apps and was particularly excited about Shazam, which he demonstrated to me with a great deal of geeky glee.

After attempting to trick Shazam with some obscure artists and squeeing at its continued success, the husband declared, “This is the greatest thing ever.”

I retorted, “No, the husband. Hyperbole is the greatest thing ever.”

See? I’m smrt.

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