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Stiff greetings to you this morning. I pulled my neck in my sleep last night and am now rocking the “I have no movable parts!” look. I rolled over around 5 a.m. and The Pain hit. I started yelping and my very sweet husband, thinking I was having a nightmare, spoke such concerned and comforting words as, “Hey! HEY! What. Is. Wrong. With. You?” Since it was 5 a.m. and I was still grappling with the searing pain, I explained, “NECK. PAIN. FUCKIN. BAD THING. OWWWW.”

And because I am the universe’s bitch, right after the neck spasm, I launched into a sneezing fit. It felt SO GOOD.

Not much else to report. Tracey visited me this weekend and Snarky Amber was in town, as well. On Saturday night we had something of a slumber party, though slightly different from the slumber parties of my youth. We were all passing out by 11:30, no one’s training bra found its way to the freezer, and I had a bit of a hangover in the morning.

Because I’m awesome, I didn’t take any pictures of our antics.


I bent the husband’s ear for a few minutes this morning explaining my conspiracy theories surrounding the McCain/Palin campaign.

I know I don’t delve into politics too much on here, and that’s on purpose. Mostly I just don’t have the energy to get into it with internet people but I’m also just not that compelled to write about it.

But dude. Something is UP. This whole election is such a circus, more so than usual, and the GOP’s decisions are just bizarre. It’s really starting to freak me out that they seem so willing to just throw this election. What are they up to? What do they have planned? What is with this soap opera shit? SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON.

Or don’t. Maybe I don’t really want to know. I suppose it says something about me that Joe Rogan totally gets me. But dude:

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  • Kirsten

    All of the “buzz” I’ve heard is that McCain needed to try and match the Obama/Biden ticket on the “new frontier” scale, so he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate on the “female” ticket.

    He didn’t investigate her thoroughly enough, she has skeletons in her closet (I live in Alaska, trust me on this one), and eventually will be forced to either step down, or they won’t pass the ticket with her as running mate, and he can pick Joe Lieberman or someone else he -really- wanted.

  • Holly

    Delurking to say thank you for the Joe Rogan video! I so needed that today.

  • cz

    “dude. Something is UP. This whole election is such a circus, more so than usual, and the GOP’s decisions are just bizarre.”

    The Palin selection seemed pretty self-explanatory to me: Alaska = Oil. Throw in the fact that she could potentially help scoop up disgruntled Hillary supporters and other republican soccer moms, and balance out McCain’s elderly white dude problem, and you’ve got a smart choice from some perspectives. Still, on the surface it looks pretty bizarre.

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