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it destroys oxygen. i call it…the oxygen destroyer!

We took the baby to the Regent Square Theatre last night to see the original 1954, Japanese Gojira, aka Godzilla. The baby loves Godzilla movies because there’s a big monster who smashes stuff, but the screening last night also served as a platform for Remembering Hiroshima.

It seems that many Americans are still surprised to learn that the original Godzilla was actually a very serious film and commentary on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings during World War II, and on the neverending nature of the arms race and destroying The Enemy. In the film, there are two scientists: one who holds the key to destroying Godzilla, even though further H-bomb tests will simply create another monster somewhere else, and another who wants to study the creature and learn from it. Though how one would go about capturing a seemingly indestructible dinosaur and studying it, we don’t know.

Pthpthptthpthpth. I intended to go on here about the empty notion of triumphing over evil and how it’s still VERY relevant today(*cough*everywhere in the Iraq such as therefore *cough*) but frankly, I’m not up for it and I get the impression that the only audience for my philosophical rants are those two or three crickets that happily chirp away and the one or two of you who bother to say, “Nuh uh.”

Anyway, the baby obviously wasn’t that interested in the post-film discussion, but I think it’s good to at least give him the opportunity to hear these things.

If you aren’t already keeping a list of things that I demand that you check out, you should start one and add the following items to it: Bill Burr’s latest stand-up special, Why Do I Do This?, and Chris Rock’s latest special, Kill the Messenger. The husband and I often describe Burr as, “The red-haired, white guy on Chappelle’s Show who was one of the commentators on the Racial Draft.” We’ve actually seen him live a few times through those underselling, free-ticket deals through the Improv, which is cool because I think he might actually blow up a little bit fairly soon. Rock’s special isn’t as good as his earlier ones and seems to slack off into recycled material and generic “Let me tell you about the nature of black and white women,” schtick, seasoned, I would guess, with bitterness over his marital problems, but whatever. Dude is still hilarious.

3 comments to it destroys oxygen. i call it…the oxygen destroyer!

  • Andy Stowell

    I think the Chris Rock special would have been better if they had just stuck to one venue instead of three. I guess it was an neat idea to show that hes an international superstar, but I was distraced when they kept juming from London to South Africa to New York. I also didn’t think it was nearly as good as his last few concerts but I want to watch it a couple more times and try not to be as distracted…

  • Whoa, maybe I need to come get my learnin’ from your house instead of twitter.

  • carol

    see, I’m one of the random folks who regularly reads your philosophical rants and I continue to enjoy them…and I continue to send cheers in the direction of you and your family….I appreciate folks who love each other, work hard and have their own unique, creative take on things. I seldom comment but often read….there are lots of us out here in cyberspace, Kelly…..keep talking!

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