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the countdown begins

30 days until I turn 30.

It really doesn’t occur to me to feel old until I mention that I’m turning 30 and someone suggests that I should feel old. I’m not insulted by it, per se, but isn’t that attitude a little…dated? Like if this were, say, Medieval Britain…sure. I would fully expect the, “Christ, you’re ancient. Watch out for that wave of plague!” treatment.

There’s a great scene from an episode of Roseanne, when Jackie and Roseanne had spent the day looking at a retirement community for their mom and were overwhelmed to say the least. Roseanne asked Jackie how old she felt. Jackie thought for a second before responding.

“Thirty-…Twelve on a good day. Eight most of the time.”

That’s pretty much where I’m at. I can’t possibly feel old because I’m so obviously a pre-teen.

Of course, I do start to feel weary when I think about the fact that, deep down, everyone feels the same and we’re out here just…doing shit and affecting people’s lives and messing everything up.

I wish I was old enough to drink.

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