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i love lamp

“The Husband.”


“Turn the light off.”


“Turn the light off!”

“What light?”

“The light! Turn it off!”


“Your lamp! Turn it off!”

“What lamp? What the hell are you talking about?”







Or something along those lines. That was the argument that we had ’round about 3:30 or 4 a.m. The husband fell asleep with the light on and I woke up to help the baby to the bathroom and then had that infuriating exchange. What light? Give me a goddamned break. The light that is replacing the darkness that I should be seeing right now, you ass. God. It’s not like I asked him what newspapers he reads.

Anyway, I used to have this big old Toshiba laptop that I bought with some of my college graduation money. It turned out to be a bit of a lemon and a few years ago I brought it into work so that the computing people here could at least get it to function a little bit and I could get my pictures off of it. I put all of the pictures onto a bunch of zip discs. Yes, zip discs. I intended to take them home and transfer them to a functioning computer, but just never got around to it.

Yesterday, I was poking around in my office and came across both the discs and a zip drive. So I spent a little bit of time transferring them to my computer and uploading the pictures to flickr. They go back to 2003 and it’s really neat to see so many pictures of the baby being all little that I had totally forgotten about.

I have another big post in me about how looking back at these pictures has also been very upsetting, because in a lot of them I’m very thin. It’s been drudging up a lot of stuff that I really want to get off my chest, but I can’t do it right now.

Meh. In the meantime, my kid is cute as HELL.

We are jam PACKED this weekend. Tomorrow at noon, the baby is going to hang out with the husband at the record store while I go to the eye doctor, then after that I’m getting a massage! I’m in dire need, really. My neck and back have been totally messed up. Then we have a kid’s birthday party to go to and the baby is going to some Magic Tree House show with my mom.

4 comments to i love lamp

  • substitute “TV” for “lamp” and you have quoted, verbatim, the same discussion that apparently has happened in my bedroom every night for the last 7 years.

  • Ha – substitute “lamp” with “alarm clock,” and that’s us. EVERY MORNING. He cannot hear his own alarm, and it drives me insane.

    Finding old pictures always makes me feel weird. I am constantly convinced I am never as fun/pretty/thin/interesting as I was 5 years before.

    • my husband’s alarm clock is merely an alarm telling ME that it’s time for ME to start screaming at him to wake up. I love my life.

      and totally ditto on the feelings about old pictures.

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