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It’s been awhile since I mentioned any of my cooking adventures, no? Last night ended up being all about pumpkin. For dinner, I made Pumpkin Pasta. Really yummy. I added an extra teaspoon of hot sauce and some curry powder just for an extra flavor. Also, I didn’t have sage so I just used some dried rosemary instead.

I told the sister-in-law that I would make pumpkin cookies to take to D.C. with her today. So I made those last night which spared me from watching most of the debates.

(By the way, my favorite Twitterers are the fake people that I follow, which now includes most of the characters from Mad Men. Case in point: this nugget of awesome from Betty Draper.)

Anyway, those cookies are so, SO good. I make them at least two or three times every fall, a fact which Frank used to mock me about and yes, Frank, I used the special pumpkin-shaped spatula last night because I am just that rad.

I made them for a party a couple of years ago, and near the end of the night, Jwan and I were collapsed on a couch, somewhat, er, incapacitated. We ate cookie after cookie and Jwan kept turning to me and very solemnly saying, “Thank you so much for making these cookies. I love them.”

I considered bringing one or two with me to work today so I could snack on them later, but decided against it and now that’s all I can think about. Like, “Okay, only 7 more hours until I am in the same building as the cookies. I can do this.”

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  • I made pumpkin pie last night, and am having a similar thought process to yours. T-minus 6 hours until PIE.

  • Mary

    I hate Rachael Ray, but that woman sure knows her way around a pumpkin. I have a pumpkin and black bean soup of hers that is super easy and super good, too.

    I’m thinking about picking up some shallots at Giant Eagle this afternoon so I can make the Minnow eat this on the weekend.

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