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Yesterday was mostly pretty awesome. I got so much love and birthday wishes. We got our house looking pretty cool:

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I like having decorations for holidays but I don’t have any…creative vision, I guess. Nor do I have any patience for that sort of thing. Oddly enough the husband usually pulls those things together. He’s fancy like that.

I think this was the first year that the baby really got into trick-or-treating. He came away with a really impressive haul. We had a lot of trick-or-treaters, definitely more than in past years. Weirdly enough, a lot of them complimented me on the jack-o-lanterns, all of which I ended up carving myself while the husband was at the ER with his severed tendons and whatnot (horf). I mean, sure, they looked decent, but they were just the usual triangles and toothy grins. Occasionally, I switched it up with some circles. But these kids were all, “Wow, did you carve these yourself?” I don’t know. Maybe with those fancy patterns everywhere, these jack-o-lanterns are all throwback and shit.

We stopped down to the mother-in-law’s and while we were there some crappy head cold just descended on the husband and me. It was weird. We were fine and then all of sudden we both felt awful. We came home and I fell asleep at like 10:30 or something. I guess it helped since I don’t feel too terrible today.

103108 025
The Pumpkin King rests after another successful Halloween.

I need to catch up on my shared items! Since October 29th:

Kittehs help wif science

God Hates Signs protest waged against Westboro Baptist Church

Are you talkin’ to ME? My note: “Thackeray Hall? I wonder if this was at Pitt.”

Ice Cube signs on for NBC cop comedy
My note: “Wait. What?”

Wonkette: Jesus people pray that false idol will save God’s economy My note: “good luck with that, assholes.”

basement cat

Roseanne’s Halloween episodes

Wobbegong shark costume

The Libby
My note: “Somebody make me this.”

Drew’s Due
My note: “I can already see the defense for this as some kind of twisted interpretation of free speech. Being a bully to people your own age is one thing. Bullying a kid when you’re an adult is just fucking messed up. I hope this asshole gets hit with a baseball bat many times.”

RA: The good, the bad, and the deep: Rick Wade My note: “My husband bit my style and became a writer.”

Witch Head Nebula

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Charlie & Mac sing the song from Ferris Bueller My note: “HAAAAAAAAAAAA I’ve seen bits and pieces of this show and I’ve always ended up in tears from the awesome, promising myself to start watching it regularly and forgetting but now I must renew my commitment to this show and run-on sentences and candy.”

In Videos: Anti-Candy Corn Song
My note: “Sigh. I miss the days of Noggin.”

10 Castration Scenes from Movies As a card-carrying feminazi, I consider this important research. I’ve only seen three of these, though. I’m slacking.

Graphic Design Fail

Welcome to Britney’s “Circus”
My note: “I had to say “If You Seek Amy” fast like 50 times before I got it. These kids today and their innuendos.”

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