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for your hand-wringing pleasure

I’m waiting for the husband and then heading to the polls and hoping it’s not a total madhouse. In the meantime, since I can’t really think long enough to bring you any content at the moment, here are some Google Reader links, minus one or two that, upon further reflection, just aren’t that interesting and I don’t know why I shared them in the first place.

Body Image, Beauty Mags and the Biggest Loser

Scrabble-inspired cushions My note: “!!!!!!!!!!!”

How Many Republicans Does It Take to Screw In a Light Bulb?

I Didn’t Vote for Obama Today

Hamburger Helper…

Why Today Is So Incredibly Important Just when you thought it was safe to start thinking of George W. Bush as some slightly adorable crackpot, you realize OH MY FUCKING GOD HE STILL HAS 77 DAYS LEFT IN OFFICE. Although, I’m fairly convinced he’s been on a steady diet of Quaaludes since about 2005.

The Steelers and Obama FTW! My note: “yeeeaaahhh! 1) steelers wins are always thrilling 2) fingers crossed that the prediction is correct this time, too 3) mike tomlin is the shit 4) bryon leftwich was amazing and 5) if obama wins on the heels of the tomlin/leftwich pairing, prepare to hear the hilarious, racist twitches of ‘the blacks really are taking over!'”

Our Closing Argument Theremins = hilarity

California Launches Federal Program So Kids Will Eat More Fruits and Veggies Whoa! Healthy food for kids from broke families! Whoda thunk?

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